Noodles® are cheap, tasty and versatile. Edible noodles you can boil, wok and fry and it goes great with vegetables, chicken or beef. It's the same thing with our Noodle shoes. Wheather you are wearing jeans, chinos, skirt or shorts, you won't go wrong with a pair of Noodles® on your feet...

…that’s the short version of our story. The longer version begins with a trip to China. During dinner with the owner of a shoe factory, we wanted to try some typical chinese food. There is nothing more typical than noodles, we thought, as we asked the waiter for a noodle dish. The factory owner and the waiter both shook their heads. – Noodles is for poor people. People like us eat more refined food, the factory owner replied. Then he ordered beef steaks for everyone. We didn’t get any noodles that night.

Later during our trip, we saw a man selling cheap canvas shoes out of a shopping cart in the street. The shoes looked cool and we bought with us a pair to show to the factories. We were told that this kind of shoes are made in the homes of poor people and it turned out they were impossible to mass produce. As much as we liked the shoe, it’s hard to make a shoebrand when you can’t produce the shoes on a bigger scale. We went back home to Norway and forgot about the shoe.

Almost two years later, the stories and impressions from China conceptualized into the idea of making a shoe brand based on the story from the restaurant and the look of the cheap shoe from the shopping cart. We designed a new shoe that was easier to produce and the first pair of Noodles® were born.

Now you can noodle up with our cheap, tasty shoes.

Cheers from
Fredrik and Kristoffer

The makers of Noodles®

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